We’re pleased to announce that the xSigma token has received its first CEX listing. While SIG has already been tradable within the DeFi ecosystem for several weeks on Uniswap and aggregators such as 1inch, it has yet to be listed on any centralized exchange — until now.

At 10 AM PDT tomorrow (28 April), xSigma’s governance token (SIG) will be listed on Bittrex Global exchange. As one of the largest exchanges in the world, this will bring significant liquidity to the SIG token, while exposing xSigma to a new audience of crypto traders. …

Dear community,

As you all know, we are working on the new version of the system. Before we move forward, we need to set farming math in order with the whitepaper. According to the whitepaper, all newly minted tokens are separated into three categories:

— 60% goes to the LPs as a liquidity reward;

— 10% to growth funds;

— 30% for the xSigma labs

To increase the scarcity of SIG tokens, some time ago, we decided to burn all of the team’s tokens from the SharedVault. Later we reallocated them at a new farming contract with a longer time…

SIG Supply Over Time

Our promotional 1.5x bonus period is now over. The event happened yesterday. However, coincidentally, it happened almost at the same time as Ethereum network upgrade resulted to OpenEthereum client malfunction.

The stats change took us a little longer to make everything work as intended.

✅ Current APY at the moment of writing is following:

Pool 1 ~ 34%

Pool 2 ~ 251%

Pool 3 ~ 38%

Why supply went up?

We have a special system mock-lp pool (similar to MasterChef v2 of Sushiswap) to cover additional rewards. These SIGs were pending anyway, and they weren’t just minted yet before this point. All these tokens are minted according to a predefined formula.

Again sorry for the delay, the dev team is working in different time zones, and it took one business dayto coordinate.

It’s wild to think that it was under a month ago that xSigma launched, pioneering a more profitable way to LP and swap between stablecoins. In scarcely 28 days, we’ve gone from zero to one, following a successful launch with a month in which all benchmarks were broken and new records made for volume, users, and total value locked.

Let’s take a moment to recap some highlights from xSigma’s first month in operation and reflect on how far we’ve come — before taking a look at what’s coming next. In the past month, xSigma has hit the following milestones:

  • $112m…

xSigma was created with the goal of helping traders maximize their profits when conducting stablecoin swaps. While the xSigma DEX has been carefully configured to support this goal, we’re aware that there’s one variable we have little control over: network fees.

Trading on Ethereum isn’t cheap, and hasn’t been for some time. While various fixes are being developed to resolve this problem, these are some way off. In the meantime, traders are left with little choice if they wish to execute decentralized swaps on the Ethereum mainnet.

Although we can’t unilaterally dial down the gwei for xSigma users, what we…

⚡️ Dear community, we are pleased to announce that 30% of all supply have been burned by renouncing the Dev’s Fund ownership


We will allocate 30% to MasterChef with a proper timeLock as soon as it is ready. Therefore, a total of 7,207,207 tokens will continuously burn, which will leave us with only 16,816,816 SIG of the maximum supply.

Lastly, we will ensure to give you the latest development on the time-lock pools and the rest of our roadmap development.

Thanks for staying with us.

We have great news for our community the SIG holders. We’re working on the possible updated model where we burn not 100k SIG but the whole 30% of total supply or 7,207,207 (all dev fund) and reallocating the Dev fund via MasterChef with timelock. Since we’re going to add more pools and some of them with vesting for rewards via timelock mechanism (for new stablecoin pool, SIG, perhaps 3crv, and others) it makes sense to put the team’s coins under explicit timelock over just bitcoin-like mint model as for LPs.

In that model, we still hold the math that splits…

One week after the successful launch of xSigma DEX, we are pleased to reveal our roadmap. Below, we have outlined the roadmap for future development of xSigma DEX post-launch.

  1. Marketing

Any project will falter without new users learning about it and onboarding. We will focus initially on engaging with as many users as possible within xSigma’s target market. We will conduct various marketing activities and promotions, including presenting at conferences, reaching out to well-known influencers for feedback, and partnering with prominent players in the DeFi field.

2. Technical Improvements

At this point, there’s still some tweaking to the xSigma protocol…

As promised, the missing SIG tokens will be automatically distributed via the trustless Merkle proof system to LPs from the Growth Fund.

The distribution will take place on March 4 at 18:00 UTC (1 pm EST). Nearly 29,000 SIG to be distributed among 231 LPs. These LPs can find the “claim” button near the SIG balance on app.xsigma.fi after the distribution.

As of today, the system works perfectly

Our DEX’s trading volume has surpassed $3m. xSigma will release its roadmap this week, stay connected!

After much anticipation, fanfare, fine-tuning, and preparation, we’re pleased to report that xSigma is live and running. More than $100m in liquidity was pooled in xSigma on the first day, making it one of the fastest growing defi projects in the market based on TVL.

A big thank you to the xSigma community for all your support — and patience — in the build-up to the deployment of our stablecoin DEX. …

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