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xSigma is pleased to announce that $600k of fees have successfully been distributed to the Pool 1 liquidity providers!

🚀 We are also excited about our upcoming V2 release, which will take place on both Ethereum and BSC networks. The upgrades include:

— Auction-enabled buyback & burn. Fees from the stablecoin exchange are transferred into the Auction contract and are utilized to buy SIG tokens, which are then burned.

— Rewards timelock for MasterChef staking;

— Cross-chain SIG token mint synchronization.

Our team is currently finishing the audit, so the V2 launch is close! Stay connected.

xSigma is a decentralized stablecoin exchange built by xSigma Lab, a subsidiary of a public company (Nasdaq: ZKIN). xSigma is an Ethereum-based dApp that facilitates trades between DAI/USDC/USDT stablecoins.



✨ Welcome to the official forum for xSigma DAO: https://forum.xsigma.fi/t/welcome-to-xsigma-governance-forum/22

As we transition to full decentralization in line with our roadmap, xSigma is launching its community-based governance system for SIG token holders.

The system currently consists of two parts:

1) A forum for discussions related to xSigma improvement proposals

2) A snapshot page for verifiable blockchain voting

👉🏻 From here on, you can start a topic and gather community feedback on proposals to shape and enhance the future of xSigma DEX.

🗳 Join now and vote for the first proposal to reinstate 2x farming reward bonuses for Pool 3.

Let’s build xSigma DEX together as a strong community. ✌🏻

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xSigma Lab

xSigma Lab

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