xSigma has integrated Chainlink VRF to determine the exact moment in which accumulated stablecoin pool fees are distributed to LPs in a provably fair and tamper-proof manner.

xSigma stablecoin pools have attracted over $400M of volume over the first four months since launch. It also has recorded more than $600M in total deposits, making the total processed volume over $1B dollars! All of these pool interactions have helped to accumulate more than half a million dollars in the form of fees. At the time of writing, the total generated swap fees are 138k DAI, 211k USDC, and 264k USDT.

As we grow, we need to deploy new pools in order to spend swap fees for SIG burns, reducing the total supply of our native protocol token. For…

Impermanent loss (IL) is the scourge of liquidity providers. LPs who lock their tokens into pools on AMMs and DEXs earn a share of the trading fees, but these rewards can come at a high cost. Due to the inherent volatility of crypto assets, movement in the respective price of token pairs can erase those gains and frequently lead to dollar losses.

xSigma DEX was designed to give liquidity providers, who are the backbone of decentralized finance, a safer way to earn rewards while providing a vital service. By pooling any combination of the three leading stablecoins, DAI, USDT, and…

⚡️ Dear members, this week xSigma DEX surpassed $400 million in volume for stablecoin swaps!

To give you an insight, here’s what our team is working on right now:

— ETH-BSC bridge for SIG tokens

— Upgraded pools that will enable buyback and timelock features

— Timelock for team tokens

🛡These days, security is proving to be a major problem for many dApps, so at xSigma Lab we’ve decided to take additional steps to ensure user safety before we release any updates. xSigma has proven to be one of the securest decentralized apps on the market thanks to the rigorous…

xSigma DEX is continuing to advance at a rapid pace, with a string of new developments to report on all fronts. On the technical side, we’re still making improvements to our stablecoin AMM, while significant energy is now being expanded on marketing and community building.

We know that xSigma is the best DEX of its kind, but the defi world doesn’t — at least not yet. We’re working on that, though, with the launch of a major bounty program that will spread the word across the cryptosphere. …

xSigma has earnest intentions and a long-term commitment. It hasn’t sold a single SIG token yet. Do you know why?

The market for digital fiat currencies on a blockchain (aka stablecoin) is still in its infancy. Despite significant parabolic growth, stablecoins account for less than 3% of the $2.5 trillion crypto market. We can see stablecoins are a tiny fraction of this highly disruptive space and have not gained sufficient traction here. So we can expect significant growth in the upcoming years in this vertical.

The dollar is considered a universal currency and an essential asset for financial transactions worldwide…

✨ Welcome to the official forum for xSigma DAO: https://forum.xsigma.fi/t/welcome-to-xsigma-governance-forum/22

As we transition to full decentralization in line with our roadmap, xSigma is launching its community-based governance system for SIG token holders.

The system currently consists of two parts:

1) A forum for discussions related to xSigma improvement proposals

2) A snapshot page for verifiable blockchain voting

👉🏻 From here on, you can start a topic and gather community feedback on proposals to shape and enhance the future of xSigma DEX.

🗳 Join now and vote for the first proposal to reinstate 2x farming reward bonuses for Pool 3.

Let’s build xSigma DEX together as a strong community. ✌🏻

🔥 Join the xSigma DAO forum 🔥

We’re pleased to announce that the xSigma token has received its first CEX listing. While SIG has already been tradable within the DeFi ecosystem for several weeks on Uniswap and aggregators such as 1inch, it has yet to be listed on any centralized exchange — until now.

At 10 AM PDT tomorrow (28 April), xSigma’s governance token (SIG) will be listed on Bittrex Global exchange. As one of the largest exchanges in the world, this will bring significant liquidity to the SIG token, while exposing xSigma to a new audience of crypto traders. …

Dear community,

As you all know, we are working on the new version of the system. Before we move forward, we need to set farming math in order with the whitepaper. According to the whitepaper, all newly minted tokens are separated into three categories:

— 60% goes to the LPs as a liquidity reward;

— 10% to growth funds;

— 30% for the xSigma labs

To increase the scarcity of SIG tokens, some time ago, we decided to burn all of the team’s tokens from the SharedVault. Later we reallocated them at a new farming contract with a longer time…

SIG Supply Over Time

Our promotional 1.5x bonus period is now over. The event happened yesterday. However, coincidentally, it happened almost at the same time as Ethereum network upgrade resulted to OpenEthereum client malfunction.

The stats change took us a little longer to make everything work as intended.

✅ Current APY at the moment of writing is following:

Pool 1 ~ 34%

Pool 2 ~ 251%

Pool 3 ~ 38%

Why supply went up?

We have a special system mock-lp pool (similar to MasterChef v2 of Sushiswap) to cover additional rewards. These SIGs were pending anyway, and they weren’t just minted yet before this point. All these tokens are minted according to a predefined formula.

Again sorry for the delay, the dev team is working in different time zones, and it took one business dayto coordinate.

It’s wild to think that it was under a month ago that xSigma launched, pioneering a more profitable way to LP and swap between stablecoins. In scarcely 28 days, we’ve gone from zero to one, following a successful launch with a month in which all benchmarks were broken and new records made for volume, users, and total value locked.

Let’s take a moment to recap some highlights from xSigma’s first month in operation and reflect on how far we’ve come — before taking a look at what’s coming next. In the past month, xSigma has hit the following milestones:

  • $112m…

xSigma Lab

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