Bonuses Period End / Supply Update

SIG Supply Over Time

Our promotional 1.5x bonus period is now over. The event happened yesterday. However, coincidentally, it happened almost at the same time as Ethereum network upgrade resulted to OpenEthereum client malfunction.

The stats change took us a little longer to make everything work as intended.

✅ Current APY at the moment of writing is following:

Pool 1 ~ 34%

Pool 2 ~ 251%

Pool 3 ~ 38%

Why supply went up?

We have a special system mock-lp pool (similar to MasterChef v2 of Sushiswap) to cover additional rewards. These SIGs were pending anyway, and they weren’t just minted yet before this point. All these tokens are minted according to a predefined formula.

Again sorry for the delay, the dev team is working in different time zones, and it took one business dayto coordinate.