Minting Update / 19 April 2021

Dear community,

As you all know, we are working on the new version of the system. Before we move forward, we need to set farming math in order with the whitepaper. According to the whitepaper, all newly minted tokens are separated into three categories:

— 60% goes to the LPs as a liquidity reward;

— 10% to growth funds;

— 30% for the xSigma labs

To increase the scarcity of SIG tokens, some time ago, we decided to burn all of the team’s tokens from the SharedVault. Later we reallocated them at a new farming contract with a longer time lock. While we did the first part and burned 30% of the supply, we haven’t implemented the second part yet. So far, all LPs have received 81% of the total mint instead of the intended 60%.

✅ Therefore, we’re announcing that to make the minting math according to our initial design, in 24 hours from now, we will reduce the farming rewards from 81% of total mint to the intended 60%. All related rewards among the three pools would remain the same and stay at 21 SIG per 4 blocks.

In the meantime, xSigma DEX has surpassed $285 million of trading volume 🚀 Great news about our latest developments to be released soon!

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