We have great news for our community the SIG holders. We’re working on the possible updated model where we burn not 100k SIG but the whole 30% of total supply or 7,207,207 (all dev fund) and reallocating the Dev fund via MasterChef with timelock. Since we’re going to add more pools and some of them with vesting for rewards via timelock mechanism (for new stablecoin pool, SIG, perhaps 3crv, and others) it makes sense to put the team’s coins under explicit timelock over just bitcoin-like mint model as for LPs.

In that model, we still hold the math that splits the mint into 60% for LP, 10% growth fund, 30% for dev. But the total diluted supply reduced to 16,816,816 — it makes each token more valuable. Above that, since we burn dev tokens, all SIG tokens minted to LP up to date become more scarce.

However, we need more time to finalize all details.

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