V2 Launch Update

xSigma Lab
2 min readNov 15, 2021


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We know how excited you were about our V2 launch, and we thank you for your enthusiasm. However, we’ve decided to postpone its launch until November 30th — for a number of very exciting reasons!

1. We are partnering and collaborating with other projects to grow our community. Specifically, we plan to launch SIG staking programs in partnership with several DeFi projects.

2. We’ve decided to expand our marketing efforts before the protocol goes live. We will be doing several AMAs, interviews, and collaborations with opinion leaders, alongside other activities, to attract more attention to the project. This will help us gather more liquidity, which will lead to more competitive exchange rates and higher APRs for our LPs.

3. We’ve been working on new amazing use-cases for SIG token, such as early prototypes for an NFT lending protocol. We’ll be posting updates in the coming weeks, and are pumped up to hear your feedback in our DAO forum!

The guide on migrating your liquidity to V2, and about BSC, will be posted by November 19th. The exact time of launch will be announced next week.

The technical part is ready and audited. xSigma has processed over a billion-dollars in volume so far, and maintains the status of a safe Dapp and liquidity mining program.