xSigma Bounty Campaign

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3 min readMay 24, 2021


xSigma DEX is continuing to advance at a rapid pace, with a string of new developments to report on all fronts. On the technical side, we’re still making improvements to our stablecoin AMM, while significant energy is now being expanded on marketing and community building.

We know that xSigma is the best DEX of its kind, but the defi world doesn’t — at least not yet. We’re working on that, though, with the launch of a major bounty program that will spread the word across the cryptosphere. From influencers to thought leaders and promoters to vloggers, we’ll be utilizing crypto’s brightest minds, sharpest streamers, and most winsome writers to capture what makes xSigma special — and why defi users should be making it their DEX of choice for stablecoin swaps and LP rewards.

The xSigma team has announced a bounty program as part of the project’s promotional strategy. Participants can get SIG rewards based on the completion of specific tasks as follows. This is not a simple giveaway of tokens; we will reward activities that bring value and help to grow our community. The rewards will be distributed from the Growth Fund once per month.

The campaign starts from 24th May and the snapshot will take place at the end of every month.

Ways To Participate and Earn SIG Rewards

Listed below are the tasks which anyone can complete while observing the guidelines and participate in the bounty program. After the tasks are complete (any or multiple), submit the task completion report here for review.

YouTube video creation and editing

  • Create a unique and positive video which is a minimum of 3 minutes long.
  • Topics can be the xSigma project in general, its latest updates, xSigma’s DEX features, tokenomics and use cases, liquidity providing and pools explainer videos, etc.
  • The video should be available during snapshot and should have a minimum of 1,000 views.
  • xSigma Finance on YouTube must be mentioned in the description of the video.
  • The bounty reward for videos is 200 SIG.

Blog posts and articles

  • Create and release a 500+ word well-written post overviewing the xSigma DEX as a project. Rewards are 20 SIG.
  • Create and release a 1,000+ word well-written post overviewing the xSigma DEX as a project. Rewards are 40 SIG.
  • Mention xSigma within a relevant post not specifically about xSigma 20 SIG

Social media infographics

  • Create unique, useful and meaningful social media infographics for the xSigma project.
  • Share to at least one of your social media channels/accounts with a minimum engagement of 100 (Reaction+Comment+Share).
  • Send the infographics to xSigma’s email address: bounty@xsigma.fi as a Google Drive or Dropbox downloadable link.
  • Rewards are 40 SIG. (Only high-quality images will be accepted)
  • These will be analyzed for fake engagement.

Social media awareness, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok posts

Earn SIG tokens by posting meaningful and engaging posts about SIG on your social media. These posts will be analyzed for fake engagement.

Twitter post 2 tokens per 10 hearts up to 100 tokens

Instagram post 2 tokens per 20 likes up to 100 tokens

Facebook post 2 tokens per 10 likes up to 100 tokens

Reddit post 2 tokens per 10 upvotes up to 100 tokens

Linkedin post 2tokens per 10 likes up to 100 tokens

TikTok post 2tokens per 10 hearts up to 200 tokens

— Provide an answer on Quora (which references and links to xSigma) 6 tokens per answer, up to 3 answers per day

Please note, all likes, views and comments should be real and organic. All accounts will be analysed. Accounts with fake indicators will be disqualified. We prefer real accounts, not the ones with 40 followers ;)


- Create Bitcointalk comments about SIG on relevant Bitcointalk threads (useful comments only) 6 tokens up to 3 posts per day

  • Altcoins Talk comments about SIG on other threads (pertinent comments only) 6 tokens up to 3 posts per day

After the completion of any or multiple tasks, submit the report here for review. Rewards will be distributed after the snapshot based on the mentioned criteria. Good luck!