xSigma Releases Its Roadmap

One week after the successful launch of xSigma DEX, we are pleased to reveal our roadmap. Below, we have outlined the roadmap for future development of xSigma DEX post-launch.

  1. Marketing

Any project will falter without new users learning about it and onboarding. We will focus initially on engaging with as many users as possible within xSigma’s target market. We will conduct various marketing activities and promotions, including presenting at conferences, reaching out to well-known influencers for feedback, and partnering with prominent players in the DeFi field.

2. Technical Improvements

At this point, there’s still some tweaking to the xSigma protocol left to be done.

More specifically, our plan includes:

  • Deploying a second stablecoin pool, April 2021
  • Adding a SIG-lock pool to the Rewards smart-contract — you will be able to stake SIG to earn additional rewards, March 2021
  • Launching the gas cashback program, April 2021

3. Fulfilling promises March 2021

As a means of establishing long-term trust in xSigma, we will burn the extra unminted tokens from the Rewards fund to date. We will also burn the same amounts proportionally from the Dev Fund and Growth Fund (30% and 10% accordingly).

4. DAO Upgrade April 2021

We will roll out a two-stage plan to fully decentralize xSigma. After we finish some preparation on keeping pools running and steady, we will transfer full control of them to the community.

First, we will set up an off-chain DAO where SIG holders will be able to vote proportionally to their stake, but without the need to pay gas fees. We will execute their decisions on-chain from the Dev Team multisig.

Second, we will deploy the full-scale DAO, which means every small change should be proposed and voted for via on-chain transactions. This step requires good coordination and the ability of the community to govern itself. We will make sure xSigma is mature enough before committing full responsibility to the DAO.

5. Build an exchange user base

And last, this is where we work together with you, SIG holders. Ahead of us lies the long road of transforming xSigma into a vibrant stablecoin exchange.

We will conduct research into viable growth opportunities, but the actual development will only happen with SIG holders voting to commit developer resources.

Governed by your decisions, xSigma Lab will consider different options. Some examples may include:

  • Add new coins to the exchange
  • Upgrade our farming formulas
  • Add new farming pools
  • Research Layer2 solutions
  • Integrate with most of the aggregators and market data platforms
  • Upgrade UI to work flawlessly on mobile
  • Redesign exchange UI to incorporate user feedback
  • Add more wallet options to access xSigma
  • Port to different blockchains
  • Explore stablecoin-related projects

Thanks for all the trust you have placed in us. Together with you, we’re building the future of decentralized exchange.




xSigma Defi - Enabling the future of finance

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xSigma Defi - Enabling the future of finance

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