xSigma Vesting Update

xSigma Lab
2 min readMay 15, 2021


xSigma has earnest intentions and a long-term commitment. It hasn’t sold a single SIG token yet. Do you know why?

The market for digital fiat currencies on a blockchain (aka stablecoin) is still in its infancy. Despite significant parabolic growth, stablecoins account for less than 3% of the $2.5 trillion crypto market. We can see stablecoins are a tiny fraction of this highly disruptive space and have not gained sufficient traction here. So we can expect significant growth in the upcoming years in this vertical.

The dollar is considered a universal currency and an essential asset for financial transactions worldwide. With the explosion of DeFi solutions, the demand for stablecoins (that are pegged to the USD) will continue to gain momentum in 2021 and beyond.

xSigma DEX has already taken its first step and left a footprint on the ethereum DeFi ecosystem. It now aims to cement its place as a publicly trusted and easy-to-use option for exchanging stablecoins. On different chains and between chains.

As announced earlier and to further prove our long-term commitment to our community, we have decided to move the team’s 30% token share to under four years of the time-lock linear vesting period. xSigma doesn’t have any pre-minted tokens (and guaranteed by smart-contract) and receives them via minting just like everyone else. The contract would be deployed the next week, with the address posted in our official communities.

Thanks for choosing xSigma and staying with us.